Three of my Green Horse Inspirations series will be featured in the January/February issue of the Catalogue put out by Xanadu Art Gallery in Scottsdale, Arizona. You can view this catalogue on Xanadu’s Home Page,

I have framed these drawings in a simple, beautiful and practical way - see thumbnail opposite - to demonstrate how well they work as a decorative group. The white wooden frames and double white matting set off the colors of this artwork while at the same time tying the group together.

These Horse Design Drawings are the first ones that I have framed. They come “ready to hang”.

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all viewers !


After moving to Vancouver Island from Calgary a number of years ago, I grew to expect signs of Spring in February.  Snowdrops would be in full bloom, Winter Heathers would be starting to put on a show and the Irises would be well under way.  Sometimes in a sheltered spot an early blooming Rhododendron would be putting on a great display.

All these things were happening until a couple of days ago.  But now, we are like the rest of Canada, digging out, sweeping off, and waiting indoors for better weather.  And, yes, making a trip to the grocery store in search of FLOWERS to brighten up the day.  Yesterday, I found this glorious potted Chrysanthemum and brought it home to brighten my spirits.  Thankfully, it is doing just that!

An IMAGE of this beautiful, pink, Chrysanthemum can be yours to download from the SHOP page of this website under IMAGES.

Prints,  Posters, Cards,  and many Gift items with my image of Chrysanthemums can be ordered from Fine Art America.  Go to FAA on this website.


Most of us use what is commonly known as an "Office Chair".  You are probably sitting on one right now at your computer screen.  Their greatest benefit seems to be that they roll around from computer screen to printer to filing cabinet, or, as in my case, from drafting board to desk.  They swivel, roll, rock, and dance around the room, a real work-horse.

But have you ever thought of the Office Chair as an Art Object?  Take a look!  It is actually quite a sculptural invention. With rollers, arms and projections, it twists and turns and tilts.  These things occurred to me one day as I sat back in my studio "thinking chair".  I happened to glance over at my unoccupied office chair sitting there in front of my drafting board.  I began to notice the unique shape and sculptural qualities of this serviceable invention.  Quite interesting!  My mind wandered and I saw my chair with a life of its own, dancing, working.  (Artists do these things.)

By employing the use of Negative Space (painting the space around an object) and my imagination, I created a series of Oil Pastel Paintings in recognition of this often overlooked work-horse of modern times.  I used six large sheets of colored paper - the basic colors of the color wheel - Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Orange and Purple.  By painting the space around each chair, I ended up with six paintings of these chairs, one in each of the above mentioned colors.  I loved these colored sheets of paper so much that I purchased them not knowing exactly what I would do with them.  The time seemed right.  I would use the six colors to show my chair rotating into different positions.  Something new can come from the ordinary objects around us !

If your living sofa is a neutral shade of grey, or white, or beige, a couple of canvas prints of these semi-abstract chairs would offer a splash of color on your walls.  For decorative purposes, you will find that these images are available in a variety of sizes and media through my Fine Art America (FAA) website - canvas prints, metal prints, etc.

Mother's Day is coming !!

See my new series of Oil Pastels on the Theme of MOTHERHOOD.  Done on Black Paper in jewel tones of color, these six paintings are all exactly the same size, 12" wide by 16" high.  They can either stand alone or be combined in groups of two, three, or more for a colorful and meaningful display.

These paintings must be framed in order to protect the surface, much the same as drawings or watercolors do.  Therefore, the purchaser can have the work framed to suit his or her own taste.  Alternatively, I am able to arrange suitable framing before shipping.  Please contact me about this option using the CONTACT page on this site.

Many artists over the centuries have painted their own version of the unique relationship of Motherhood.  I am happy to contribute to this genre.




There is a ferry that crosses Finlayson Arm from Brentwood Bay to Mill Bay.  I was waiting for it on a clear day in early December.  The sun was brightly shining and there was a dusting of snow to light things up - something we don't see too often at that time of year.  Since I was first in line, I had a great view of a typical west coast shoreline scene, a woodsy looking café surrounded by a variety of sailboats and canoes.  As I stepped out of my car to take my photograph, a few resident gulls were flying about, but otherwise it was an exceptionally quiet day.

I thought how peaceful and pretty this place was in comparison with all the trouble spots we have seen in the world in 2016.  I wish that everyone could experience a place of such peace in the coming year!

To see the photograph I took that day, please go to the page called "FAA" on this website.  Here you will find Canvas Prints, Framed Prints, and many gift items featuring this idyllic little scene.


An Art Card for Christmas?  Yes!  And for other occasions, such as birthdays, or just keeping in touch with that special person.  My new set, featuring Horse Design Drawings No. 1 - 4 would also make a nice gift!

This set of 4 bright and cheerful cards will be handy to keep around, ready to go!  They are blank inside with a matte white finish, ideal for your own special message.  They are 5" x 7" in size and have been produced on digital offset printers using 100 lb. paper stock.  Each card is coated with a UV protectant on the outside surface which produces a semi-gloss finish. A white envelope comes with each card. 

The drawings reproduced on these cards are part of my Green Horse Inspirations Series.  My studio is named after the "Green Horse Lamp" which is an actual lamp featuring a green ceramic horse jumping over a barricade.  This lamp has been in our family since the 1950's and has finally come to me.  When I look at it, it reminds me to DREAM.  I strive to exhibit creative imagination as the "lamp" artist did so many years ago.  This past summer I combined the image of a horse, often green, with a patterned dreamscape of hills, clouds and pathways.  To me the process was fun and satisfying.

To purchase a set of these newly released cards, go to the SHOP and look under GIFTS on this website.

Cards are shipped in 1 - 2 business days.


The Green Horse Studio

I have named my studio after the Green Horse Lamp, which is an actual lamp featuring a green ceramic horse jumping over a barricade.  This lamp has been in our family since the 1950's and has finally come to me.  When I look at it, it reminds me to DREAM.  I strive to exhibit creative imagination like the artist who produced this delightful object so long ago.

This past summer I combined the image of a horse, often green, with my natural inclination towards patterning.  Using shapes within shapes, I dreamt up a magical network of hills and clouds and pathways - a brightly colored landscape suggesting mandalas and a dream world.

The result was my " HORSE DESIGN INSPIRATIONS" Series.  These drawings are done with colored markers on paper that is 12' x 12' square.  Because they are all the same dimensions, they would work well as a pair or as a group.  They come unframed.  The originals are available here on this website, as well as the digital images.