Most of us use what is commonly known as an "Office Chair".  You are probably sitting on one right now at your computer screen.  Their greatest benefit seems to be that they roll around from computer screen to printer to filing cabinet, or, as in my case, from drafting board to desk.  They swivel, roll, rock, and dance around the room, a real work-horse.

But have you ever thought of the Office Chair as an Art Object?  Take a look!  It is actually quite a sculptural invention. With rollers, arms and projections, it twists and turns and tilts.  These things occurred to me one day as I sat back in my studio "thinking chair".  I happened to glance over at my unoccupied office chair sitting there in front of my drafting board.  I began to notice the unique shape and sculptural qualities of this serviceable invention.  Quite interesting!  My mind wandered and I saw my chair with a life of its own, dancing, working.  (Artists do these things.)

By employing the use of Negative Space (painting the space around an object) and my imagination, I created a series of Oil Pastel Paintings in recognition of this often overlooked work-horse of modern times.  I used six large sheets of colored paper - the basic colors of the color wheel - Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Orange and Purple.  By painting the space around each chair, I ended up with six paintings of these chairs, one in each of the above mentioned colors.  I loved these colored sheets of paper so much that I purchased them not knowing exactly what I would do with them.  The time seemed right.  I would use the six colors to show my chair rotating into different positions.  Something new can come from the ordinary objects around us !

If your living sofa is a neutral shade of grey, or white, or beige, a couple of canvas prints of these semi-abstract chairs would offer a splash of color on your walls.  For decorative purposes, you will find that these images are available in a variety of sizes and media through my Fine Art America (FAA) website - canvas prints, metal prints, etc.