I am a West Coast Canadian artist.  Born in Winnipeg Manitoba, I have gradually moved westward, spending a number of years in both Edmonton and Calgary and now finally residing In the Parksville area of Vancouver Island.

 I studied Fine Arts at the University of Alberta In Edmonton, where I received a Bachelor of Fine Arts, and later, a Bachelor of Education. The Muttart Conservatory located downtown In the river valley became one of my favorite places to go to draw plant life.  This led to a one-man show in the conservatory in 1990 of water-colors inspired by the various changing displays. Also, in Edmonton, I taught a number of children’s classes at the Southwest Cultural Centre.

 After my husband and I moved to Calgary, we made a trip to Europe and in Paris at the Musee D’Orsay, I happened to see pastel work by the French Symbolist painter Odillon Redon.  I immediately fell in love with the tactile surfaces, the evidence of drawing and the richness of color in his work.  For the first time I became interested in painting to represent an idea, a feeling, or an impression as opposed to rendering an accurate account of nature.  Because of this experience I changed my medium from watercolors to Oil Pastels.  Oil pastels allow me the freedom to combine line and color, and therefore serve both as a drawing and a painting medium.

Colored markers are another drawing medium that I enjoy using. At first I only used them for quick sketches, but in the summer of 2016, I saw that they had more potential. The result came in small completed works of Art - my Horse Design Drawings.

 While in Calgary I joined the Federation of Canadian Artists which is based in Vancouver.  Over the years I have taken part in many of their juried shows as well as attending some very interesting workshops.

 You can’t go much further west in Canada than the Parksville area of Vancouver Island, so I figure that this is my final destination.  It’s pretty nice here with the great profusion of birds, gardens, forests, wild life, and the ocean.  Some of my paintings are inspired by beautiful West Coast scenes.  Others are inspired by thoughts and memories, stories, travel, and my imagination.

 You may contact me by e-mail at greenhorsestudio@telus.net to inquire about the purchase of my paintings.  Reproductions of my work are available through Fine Art America.  Please see the FAA page. 

And, if you are in the area, I would welcome a visit to my studio, by appointment.