There is a ferry that crosses Finlayson Arm from Brentwood Bay to Mill Bay.  I was waiting for it on a clear day in early December.  The sun was brightly shining and there was a dusting of snow to light things up - something we don't see too often at that time of year.  Since I was first in line, I had a great view of a typical west coast shoreline scene, a woodsy looking café surrounded by a variety of sailboats and canoes.  As I stepped out of my car to take my photograph, a few resident gulls were flying about, but otherwise it was an exceptionally quiet day.

I thought how peaceful and pretty this place was in comparison with all the trouble spots we have seen in the world in 2016.  I wish that everyone could experience a place of such peace in the coming year!

To see the photograph I took that day, please go to the page called "FAA" on this website.  Here you will find Canvas Prints, Framed Prints, and many gift items featuring this idyllic little scene.